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The History of Israel’s Betrayal of the United States

The problem of Israel selling US secrets to China is not new. It dates back to at least 1993 when the CIA caught Israel selling Sparrow air-to-air missiles to the communist government of China, as reported by the UK’s The Independent newspaper. This classified technology was later applied to the more notable Patriot missile in the US arsenal. The article suggests that these abuses of the US National Trust go back even further, with Israel helping China upgrade their tank force with US technology.

In the 90s, the issue caught national attention when Israel boldly opened a defense firm in the city of Peking, China. In 2000, Israel sold advanced radar technology to China, and in 2005, they were caught selling night vision technology and harpy-class killer assault drones to the Chinese. The Israeli defense ministry claimed to be selling only outdated technology, but after an investigation, it was found that the drones were upgraded before being shipped. This led to the US demanding the firing of four heads of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, along with humiliating strong-armed conditions, to remain in the US’s good graces.

In 2013, Israel was again caught selling advanced electro-optics, micro refrigeration, and thermal weapons sites to China, causing a senior Israeli official to resign. This incident was particularly concerning as it indicated a continued pattern of betrayal despite previous repercussions.

The Chinese Connection

Chinese media often reminds and encourages its citizens to invest in Israeli companies. This encouragement has led to billions in investment in the defense sector and technology sectors such as cell phone tech, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Israel’s attitude towards being caught selling US classified technology has shifted to a justification that the Chinese market is just too large to ignore.

The Irony of the Situation

The situation is particularly ironic given that the US government publicly advertises distrust in cellphone companies with strong government ties, like Huawei, due to concerns about national security. Yet, Israel, a longtime ally of the US, continues a long history of betraying the US because the profits from the Chinese market are too big to ignore.

The repeated instances of Israel selling classified US technology to China raise serious concerns about the trustworthiness of Israel as an ally and the implications for US national security. Despite the repercussions faced by Israel in the past, the betrayal continues, driven by the lure of profits from the vast Chinese market. This situation highlights the need for the US to reevaluate its relationship with Israel and consider the potential risks posed by sharing sensitive technology and intelligence with a partner that has repeatedly proven untrustworthy

2030 Vision Series

2030 Vision: Obey.exe – Ep1: Planned Obsolescence




2030 Vision: Obey.exe - Ep 1 Planned Obsolescence

2030 Vision Documentary Series has been turned into a mini series, instead of the lengthy 4 hour films.

Please enjoy our first episode for the 2024 year.

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The Story of the Mesh News Project




In 2015, as the United States was captivated by the unfolding presidential election drama, Steven Beckmann found himself at the epicenter of a grave situation in San Diego, a revelation tied to a startling disclosure he made years earlier. Beckmann, having mentioned information from a whistleblower in 2008 regarding the murder of JFK Jr., unknowingly set the wheels in motion for a series of events that would drastically alter his life. San Diego, with its sunny veneer and strategic military significance, paralleled its pleasant climate with a dense concentration of military power, making it a critical yet underestimated hub for national security and technological innovation. The city housed industry behemoths such as Qualcomm and leading defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, General Atomics, and Northrop Grumman, underlining its pivotal role in military and intelligence operations.


This vibrant metropolis, ideal for year-round military activities due to its three major bases and proximity to a bustling international border, became the backdrop for Beckmann’s entanglement in a web of power, secrecy, and betrayal. As a civilian distant from military secrets, Beckmann inadvertently became embroiled in a covert operation aimed at silencing potential whistleblowers within the military, a sinister campaign that he traced back to his revelations about JFK Jr.’s murder.


While the nation’s attention was riveted on political developments, Beckmann faced a relentless government-endorsed vendetta, characterized by character assassination, surveillance, and intimidation. This shadowy campaign, in collusion with criminal cartels, blurred the lines between statecraft and criminality, targeting individuals deemed internal threats.


Faced with an overarching conspiracy of silence, Beckmann’s attempts to expose the truth were met with skepticism and the entrenched “catch and kill” tactics that have characterized media-government relations since the Cold War. His journey to Los Angeles to alert major media outlets was marked by perilous challenges, including radiation attacks and aggressive vehicular harassment, underscoring the lengths to which his adversaries would go to suppress his voice.


The situation escalated as Beckmann revealed how the military had enabled contractors to enlist cartels in deploying radiation weapons and poisoning local water and food supplies, all part of a broader, silent purge. Despite the grave risks, he embarked on harrowing journeys to Los Angeles, enduring experiences reminiscent of a dystopian odyssey, all in a bid to shed light on the clandestine operations plaguing San Diego County.


In response to the deafening silence and the dire need for a platform to voice the truth, Beckmann established the Mesh News Project. This initiative aimed to give voice to the victims of the covert purge, offering a beacon of hope and a means to counteract the narrative controlled by those responsible for San Diego’s turmoil. Many in San Diego County who were participants of this major human rights abuse campaign are feigning victimhood to help the military and federal government sweep this under the rug, or control a false narrative to ensure their story gets told over the true victims.


Beckmann’s ordeal underscores a deeper narrative of manipulation and resistance, highlighting the conflict between the machinations of power and the resilience of those committed to unveiling the truth. His story, interwoven with the ominous implications of his disclosures about JFK Jr.’s murder, serves as a sobering reminder of the unseen forces that can shape the fate of individuals and communities, stressing the importance of vigilance and transparency in upholding the tenets of democracy.


Steven still lives a life of constant pressure from DHS agents working with police, security contractors who are working with the cartel to keep pressure on him, constantly hit him with radiation attacks, lace/drug/poison his food, and keep him under constant threat of kidnapping and being taken over the border.

With the government trying to keep him in squalor, and local and federal law enforcement stonewalling him, he just keeps trucking.

Trying to gain some eyeballs to point to what started this chapter in his life, so the victims of the San Diego Purge can get vidicated, the Kennedy family can get justice, and Steven can get back to his life.

Until then, we will keep our mission our key focus to make a non-biased source for news that’s Decentralized, zero profit, and independent from the Uniparty that’s captured our political spectrum.


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Big Brother

SpoilNet // The Scary Real Time Online Censorship Engine

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti.




Are you tired of getting spoilers for your favorite TV shows and movies? You’re not alone. Many people go to great lengths to avoid spoilers, including blocking certain words and phrases on social media. But now, the University of San Diego California’s Artificial Intelligence research team has developed a tool that can automatically remove spoilers as they come through your devices.


The tool, called SpoilNet, uses a neural network to identify words, phrases, and cultural metaphors that pertain to a particular subject. It can then auto-censor spoilers before they happen, using an online knowledge base of words and phrases. The researchers used the open social network Goodreads to create an index of fine-grain accuracy, using over 1.3 million annotations from users sharing their thoughts and notes on the highlighted portions of books they read.

However, there are concerns about the potential misuse of this technology. While SpoilNet was created to improve the user experience, it could be repurposed by corporate security contractors or oppressive governments to censor content in real-time. This raises concerns about human rights abuses, where live videos of government abuse could be muted or “glitched out” in real-time to their audience.


It’s important to recognize that digital tools and algorithms can be used for both good and bad purposes. While SpoilNet has the potential to improve our online experience, we must also be aware of its potential for misuse.


Read more about SpoilNet on EurekAlert

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Shadow Banned

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